In search of travel route plan to explore India–in minutest details.

As many of you know ‘Milan Mancha’ , is a club, located at Juhu, Andheri west. They are engaged in various cultural activities, and travelling. They have successfully organised several travelling program. When we speak of them or want to join them, we have to have a clear idea about them beforehand, otherwise, chances are there you might waste your time, and get disappointment later.

Before you start engaging with them, first of all remove any idea that travelling can be considered another time-pass activity or just to sniff a bit of fresh air on doctor’s advice—I alert you friend, it is not a time-pass activity with them. It is not also  a week-end outing with your best fancy dress on. For them It is rough and tough , an endurance test every step and camaraderie.  It is a serious business. It is attending call from un-known, exploring the world, subjecting oneself again again to endurance test in an unpredictable situation fraught with challenges.

All above what I said, is not a bunch of empty words. Their well-knit team headed by Sri Rudra, have undertaken very severe journeies in their travel in Assam, Tripura, Kedarnath , Badrinath , Kalindi khal and many  unconventional spots, but with tourist potential, which are generally ignored by wealthy and fancy travellers. Those unconventional spots I just mentioned are ignored by commercial tour operators, whereas many well informed people even from far flung foreign countries making tour of those unknown places. These unconventional tourist spots are quietly ignored by Kundu special/ chalo jai and the like, and our fancy wealthy tourists. Conventional tourists love, and feel secure,  to tour places which have turned into a crowded market place which no longer have thrills and challenges for knowing the unknown. Travellers in ‘Milon Mancha’ are unconventional, are out to conquer, and take on challenges.

As I have said they already done several travelling in the Himalayas, and their enormous work is recorded in the Facebook very systematically. To see that you may click- You will find here hundreds of photos, and narration on those,  that may transport you there unconsciously.  Travelling and Sri Rudra are made for each other , came handy for his skill of photography. He learnt photography at J.J. school of Art, Mumbai.

Here, I want to have a personal comment as a passing ref that education should have application in life, otherwise, time and money spent on it is lost. Our education system has this flaw in it. The larger picture in our country is that there are educated persons but no job/application for them; there job/applications for which there are no educated persons. Sorry, forgive me, for this unrelated comment.

Last but not least is that, in personal talk he has revealed to me that he is desperately searching for knowledgeable persons/tour operators/ academicians/ Govt. deptts/reserachers from India and abroad, who can give him detailed workable, repeat workable, route charts for use as close guide for use in actual tour/travelling in any/all parts of India. This route chart should be prepared in a manner such that maximum tourist spots can be covered in a single tour in minimum time and minimum cost, otherwise, the said route chart will be of no use to them.

General tourists in 99% of cases loosely plan or do not plan at all, and the inevitable result is that to visit all the spots in the same area, repeat same area, a traveller have to make several trips. With proper planning, same money and time, would help him travel more and more area at less and less cost. Now, I believe, I have been able to drive home the point as to what sort of route chart Sri Rudra is asking for. Hope to meet you again in my next post. Bye for now.