Istanbul visit of my friends at Milon Mancha.

Our friends at Milon Mancha–Rudra Mondal and Sharmistha, a couple made for each other, of similar attitudes, similar habits especially, both are seeped in travelling. They are known to one and all, for their incurable travelling urge, they needs no introduction for the Bengalees of Mumbai.  Currently,  they are out on  travelling Europe–to see Europe inside out, in its bits and pieces. They see important places, unimpotant places, and  the life of common men and women, and their habits–in a word they enjoy the flavour of different places and we , the lazy and possibly reluctant to spend money liberally, try to travel and see the world with their eyes as the second best alternative. In a word, we travel  virtually in the comfort of our home. Not a bad idea at all. Rudra is a photographer with the professional skill, I think by this time he has photographed several lakhs. In stead being verbose I shall keep my description crisp and to the point. At the time of writing, Rudra and his wife, just completed their Istanbul tour, and just arrived in Italy. Before the account becomes too long I have given under the account of their Istanbul tour–not in words but in photographs.