Shri Rudra and Sharmistha now in Rome.

Their tour is continuing in Rome, the accompanying photographs are harvest for us in the course of this elite tour. These help us communicate with the past past centuries. Looking at  these pictures , is a wonderful feeling. But to fully appreciate these sculptures especially the naked bodies, one has to have wide reading of those days in Greece–their society, class division, sexual behavior, wealth of people, social division and discrimination. Beautiful flawless, fat-less, well  shaped human bodies is noticeable. But one question larking in my mind, that there perhaps was not shame associated with a naked body in Greek those days. Probably so, otherwise, why–although exquisitely sculpted, human bodies is put up , in glory and appreciated wildly. As I am a man from Indian culture, where sexual crimes occur every hour, and whole country afflicted with it without any remedy, I wonder whether rape would occur those days. My guess is that it would be a rare phenomenon. I have a strong logic in it. If the people were exposed to naked bodies as the sculptures shows, common men and women, being too much exposed to these visuals, were desensitized sexually, and there would be total absence of overtures. There would not be any sexual paranoia. Bye for now, I wait for Sri Rudra and Sharmistha, for this weird ideas, to be resolved.