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Days of fossil fuel is to end,– first due to growing consumption by growing mass of population world over. This is causing  fast depleting of the source, these source  is due to be exhausted by 2030-35. Further it generates carbon dioxide emission which is polluting the environment bringing in diseases world over, more importantly, raising the global temperature to raise sea level. This is a step towards extinction of civilisation. All nations have come together to discourage and discriminate against the faulting nation guilty of not attempting to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel. India is committed to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel, and encourage the use of solar and wind energy. All of us should address ourselves to it, there is no choice in it—for it is a must.

Further, the Government of India gives high priority to the use of alternative, non-conventional and renewable energy sources as supplement to the depleting conventional sources of energy. These alternative sources include – Solar energy, Wind energy, Geo-thermal energy, Tidal energy, Biomass energy etc.

These energy sources have huge potential of energy and they can be useful in various ways. Solar energy is a wide source. Solar cells, solar cookers, solar ponds etc are the devices to trap solar energy. It can produce electricity, cook food, heat water and can be converted to other forms of energy.

The solar photovoltaic system which uses solar cells to convert the solar energy into electrical energy is the most promising and progressive sources of alternative energy.Wind energy is in form of Kinetic Energy. A blade of windmill is moved by blowing winds and could be exploited for doing work. Theoretically about 60% of the wind energy can be converted into other forms of energy. Wind mill farms are being set up in the world to exploit this energy at suitable places. These alternative sources of energy promise a new horizon in sustainable manner.

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You may contact their sales representative–Miss Kirti, and contact her at–Office No.2, Daffodils CHSL, Off Link Road, Near New RTO,
Kandarpada, Dahisar (W), Mumbai-400068.