Most of us cannot accept India as a whole as ‘ My own ‘, they can think only in terms of divisions of languages, religions, cultures , tastes, and food habits. Often there is an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ feeling, almost everywhere .There is a feeling of outsider-ness–ness. In India things do not/will not go to that extreme as there is an underlying unifying force that defies gravitation.

I was born, and brought up, in Bengal–that time Bengal had a prime position because of her industries. People from Eastern India–Assam, Bihar, Orissa,UP ( previously one Bengal), would come to Kolkata for earning their livelihood. Kolkata was so entrenched in their mind that local folklore from those area , was /is aplenty with the name of ‘kolkata’ ( listen to their Bhojpuri/Maithili etc folk songs). At that time, I would often hear the word ‘outsiders’ about them.

Of course Bengal is in shambles now, people of Kolkata now are ‘ outsiders’ in other parts of India. People who came from East Pakistan to settle in Kolkata and surroundings, were called ‘ outsiders’ ( ..Bangals) by people already living there , Kolkata-culture is not complete without GHATI-BANGAL talk……… it is not always for fun. Intelligent men like the reader of this blog, do not born, live and likely to die, in the same place, its natural they will move.

I am not much of a tourist or a traveler, but with the job to earn my livelihood, I had to live in a no. of states through Bihar, U.P., Tamil Nadu, and now, settled in Mumbai. I have seen the same ‘outsider’ feeling everywhere–of course, with more or less discrimination. In this context, it would be fair to admit that Mumbai is much more cosmopolitan.

I must mention here that this divisiveness which I talked of above, is not acute enough to disturb normal life, mine also has not been disturbed ever. Here also, the unifying character of India has been the saver.

In this context, justice Katju’s article in the facebook, is relevant. He with his inimitable style illustrated the issue, so nicely that this will clear your and your opponents’ doubts immediately, anytime anywhere. Every Indian should read this article daily before they come out of home in the morning.
Kerala has the real character of true India. Read on, friends and click–