Nirav Modi has fled the country with Rs 11500/- crores unreturned to PNB. From the hue and cry raised on it , It may apparently look that this is the first time such a thing happened in this counry, it is not; rather, before this time, Vijay Mallya, Lolit Modi , did the same thing. There is a prevailing culture of thieving of Govt. money ( it is safest ) in our country with impunity. Actually, there is a class of people who treat the property of the country as their very private property, and they successfully manipulate the Govt.—whichever the colour , to enjoy immunity . Big industrialists borrow money from Bank, later do not repay the loan to bank. Soon after, those loans are written off. Same companies with some technical changes come up to borrow again, get the loan with the assurance that those ‘ investments ‘ will produce employment for young men, and prosperity of the country as well. They willfully fail to repay, which ultimately are written off. One common practice is that one loan is taken to repay the part of previous loan, thus a series of loan stands unpaid on important men belonging to that group of people . In vacuum, Bank cannot work, . Govt has to replenish the fund with taxpayers’ money, which means that this non payment of bank loan is another name of theft of common man’s money. Such affairs of the country is unknown to the common men at our level. This is a systematic loot of common man’s money .
There are frauds at other levels also. Some time back a company named SARADA in west Bengal, collected money from the poor and misappropriated and this was in the national news for a long time. This is just one case that I have mentioned here. Such things cannot happen without the complicity of people in authority; if not at the very beginning, at least could be detected midway through. Guiding philosophy of the Govt does not matter, the practice of corrupt practice is constantly uniform and unaffected.
The above are corrupt practice by the high and mighty, and our common people, do not have much grievance against those, for, they have accepted this as their part of life, and they meekly reconcile as their fate. When some lone and stray voice raise his voice, others join the chorus for some time, and then recede and retreat to their nest. It does not happen in India alone, this is the fate of all underdeveloped and poor countries ( this is the main reason of their poverty). Same malaise you will get in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Srilanka . Recently, I listened to a London school of economics lecture podcasts about Pakistan by a polish journalist, working in Pakistan for 15 years, he said that corruption in Pakistan is part of administration so much so that if by magic power corruption is successfully removed from the country for a few days , country’s administration will collapse, from this you can conclude how much entrenched is corruption in the administration in that country of Pakistan. It is due to corruption only, all these countries are steeped in perennial poverty.

Corruption is like AIDS, it kills the immune system which are various checks in administration. My point is that if the administration were corruption free, could Nirov Modi, Vijay Mallya, or Lolit Modi’s fraud remain undetected till they fled—no, absolutely not. Audit is meant for detecting irregularity in finance, but Nirav Mody’s buninesses had undergone audit for three times last year yet financial frauds were not detected. The same happened in the case of Satyam, several years back. This means audit was done but was reduced to some mere mechanics devoid of any meaning in it, only a packaging. All these because corruption has destroyed the system. There are laws and laws to stop the corrupt, but those in the end becomes convenient tools in the hand of dishonest to harass the honest, and innocent to toe the line of dishonest. Mostly, dishonest are powerful, honest are helpless. Our judiciary is the only place where you will get the justice, but how many of common people survive the harassment to get there??
What political freedom given us, corruption has taken away from us. Corruption by the unscrupulous people may sell the country to the enemy. It will be unfair to blame the Govt for this, it is the people like you and me who do it for their personal gain. One month back, there was a sting operation programme shown in ABP Ananda TV channel, that ticket examiners in Rajdhani Express/ Duronto, allowing ticketless passengers to travel in AC II & III class, on receiving bribe, money is the only consideration, passenger’s antecedents not verified. This report gave me a scare , GOD FORBID, that terrorists may take advantage of this flaw in the system any time as the terrorists have ample money to make entry to destroy things. When such wrong thing is done by the ticket examiner, there must be ticket examiner’s network of helpers because this corruption cannot be done in isolation. I remember nearly a year back while travelling to Mumbai from Kolkata with my wife, we were sprayed with drug, and then our luggage was stolen away by thieves. Strangely enough, immediate after theft, everybody in the coach meant to be in service of passengers, including coach in-charge, catering staff, bedding boy mysteriously vanished from the scene, and they after an hour returned feigning ignorance of theft in the coach that occurred—is it not true that there is a pattern in it ??– You know the answer. I tried a lot including writing to the office of PMO, nothing happened. Whole system failed to address my grievance. I am scared, I am wounded, I lost confidence. In balance, Could I expect anything better? How repeated Bank frauds including the present Nirav Modi’s could have better fate? It is very much plausible that there are numerous similar continuing yet undetected cases, many such frauds will happen in future.
We live in a country which has a long tradition of corruption, except a bare few—definitely you and me included, almost everybody is corrupt. We are busy to criticize others while doing the malpractice ourselves, perhaps unknowingly. Have you ever visited Municipal office, Ration office, Passport office, Income tax office, Flat/land registration office, railway luggage office and many other places?? Medical and education were considered to be noblest, but those are in disarray. Education has miserably failed to make the right citizen, has no accountability. Everything left to me, I would go for education in Oxford/ Cambridge and such hallowed ones. I have seen all our big and successful people who have contributed positively to society, were educated there, yet they are not less patriot than you and me. ALL OUR FREEDOM FIGHTERS WERE EDUCATED THERE.

Sometime back during Anna Hajare’s anti-corruption movement, there was a report that most of those came from far flung places to attend Anna’s lecture, came by train—those were mostly ticketless passengers, mind that all they came to protest against corruption only but adopting corrupt means, what a hypocracy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is worrying no doubt. Kautilya, the economist and diplomat, said that revenue workers of the king, could not work without taking away a part for his own use, just like a fish cannot live in water without drinking it. Is our revenue departments today much different from those old days of Kautilya ????? you may have your own conclusion. A long time back I read in a newspaper report of about research-finding by Oxford university. I normally do not have a good memory, often mix-up things until I am rescued by my wife, but this research finding is still vivid in my memory because of the nature of content. The finding was that our corruption comes from our Gods. Most of our Gods keep their hand extended, with their palms pointing up, to receive money from devotees. This culture followed down to these days. With this background of seeking of money by God from devotees embedded in our culture, could story of corruption be otherwise than what it is today?? I am not an atheist, very much a theist, but my kind of faith is not to make a deal with God. My kind of faith is our upanishad’s AHAM BRAMASHMI, I AM THE BRAHMAN……
All corrupt money goes to be stored as property in its multiple form. Have you seen whenever there is talk of linking property to Aadhar card what a hue and cry is raised all around ??, Govt. immediately has to run for dousing it, has to issue a correcting statement that no such move is on the anvil really, and then fluttering stops. At least like you , I also believe all moveable and immovable property has to be linked to Aadhar. Just link Nirav Modi’s all-properties to Aadhar card, many anomalies will come up; and following the trail you will get the whole story, perhaps then, you will remember the right import of the proverb ‘ a stitch in time saves nine ‘, with such a measure at the background, there won’t be any more of country’s wealth—still if it happens at all, alarm bell will ring.