My comments on daily newspaper reports.

Yes it is in existence but we forget to remember and use ourselves when we need. Ignorance of Govt. rules, cost us much harassment. TOI reported it on Friday, 10.03.2018, and I have collected and sealed it in my blog here for future ref, both for you and me. I won’t forget it anymore.

There is a standard guidelines already in position, for the benefit of railway passengers.

The guidelines, which were formulated in 1990, and amended in 1997, and 2002, allow a person to transfer the confirmed ticket to another family member— be it the father, mother, sibling, children or spouse.

For transfer of ticket, an application must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train. As per rules, tickets can also be transferred to another government servant travelling on duty.
Train tickets can also be transferred to other members of the marriage party, if the head of such a party makes a request at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure of the train.


Irfan Khan’s Brain cancer on which I gave my reaction a little bit earlier.On closing up the article I realised I should have touched one more point—that is how most of us  fail to enjoy life repenting over what small things are missing from their life. Irfan’s character is different, he is made of different mould, has tenacity to fight, I hope he will fight it out of the present disaster . But think of many of us including myself, we are down with much lesser problem. How much less? Answer is just think of Irfan, what a tremendous suffering he is undergoing. Compare it with yours, still you are not enjoying……

Tagore has a song—ja ache ta galo chale ja nei tar shoke,amar sonar harin chai. It is a beautiful song composed by Tagore, meaning we fail enjoying what we have already, in our despair of what we do not have yet. It is a great tragedy of human being. Almost everybody suffers it, no remedy for it in the conceivable future. Many, almost all of us, despair because they do not have more money, bigger or more houses, lands, ornaments, jewels—in their despair, they forget to enjoy their present possessions like bountiful youth,  foods, or robust disease-free health of youth.

What Irfan suffers now, God forbid, any of us may suffer tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Let us enjoy everything what we have today, without wasting time over brooding over what we do not have today.

Also, it is not that they do not understand about their current folly, most of them understand, only that they cannot control their thought. I think, every religion, includes in their daily practice of religion how to save from this folly. Bible says take no thoughts for the morrow, Hindu mythological stories have said everything  about mind. Islam also, must have instructions for the good life of its followers.

But we  practise religion for everything else than the religion in the main, result is we suffer. Therefore, let us- including myself, try henceforth, to live life as it is in this moment without waiting for the better enjoyment tomorrow. Irfan’n contracting brain cancer reminds me of that. LET US PRAY FOR IRFAN’S CURE, AND FOR OURSELVES, START LIVING LIFE FULLY.

( 7.3.2018)-Irfan Khan has Brain cancer

Irfan khan

It is sad that Great actor diagnosed to have brain cancer, only at the age of 52. He gave us so much. All of us pray to God for his early recovery. I usually do not go to cinema hall but when I see that Irfan Khan is acting, I try to watch the film. I know Film actors at that level generally have lot of money but as he has not commercialised himself like Sharukh, and Salman, Govt or other fans with proper means may help him to tide over the crisis. I only hope he gets round quick and come back into his usual action.

I fear mobile phone is a great contributor to brain cancer. Constant radiation from mobile tower is affecting us, long talk on mobile phone generates heat on the phone which all of us have noted. Long talk transmit heat to the brain which is a cause for brain cancer. With the spread of use mobile phone, brain cancer is also increasing as one can see from periodic news report but there is no official confirmation supporting the bad effect of use of mobile phone. Knowledgeable people say mobile phone should not be used for more than half an hour.

But it is easier said than done. Its use has become so rampant, that whatever may be the damage from it, use of mobile phone cannot be curtailed. I have not seen him, not met him ever, but I am sure he must have been using it continuously for long hours for years together. Life and nature of work for actors, needs long discussion with others, and this brings in the damages to brain. These people live with mobile phone for most part of the day.

My son is a professional singer in Mumbai. True he is not such a big artist like Irfan, yet mobile phone is his office where all business transaction is done. He is always on the phone. As a concerned father, I always warn him against too much use but I give in because in many time I have no alternative, after all everybody must continue with the profession where his income lies. I am scared for him. Irfan’s report, makes me more scaring. Sometimes in life, you don’t have anything but God to resort to. I surrender to God, I pray to God for everybody, including Irfan. Perhaps only God know all the answer of this world.

One month back, there was a research finding in America that Mobile phone may not be as harmful. The present finding denied that the existing fear that mobile phone harms , is wrong, but defence of mobile phone was through a weak statement. At least for  me, I do not believe the present finding, because if they said something opposite , just imagine the stake that could be involved in it—so much business is done with it, so much more will be done with it, above all, businesses are connected with customer on a mobile phone, once removed this platform, whole edifice will collapse. I finally believe, much use of mobile phone damages, Irfan suffers brain cancer and many more will suffer, for , you cannot live without a mobile phone. Now, brood over, to write another essay like your school days whether science is a blessings or a curse. THANKS FOR READING ME.

( 6.3.2018)–Goa chief Minister Manohar Parikkar’s foreign visit on health ground
When I read daily newspapers, TOI and The Economic Times, I always have my own opinion on many matters reported, as almost all of you do. But I do not get anybody to share my thoughts, therefore I share my inner thoughts with my blog. It is only that I am expressing myself, I have no ism or politics to sell, nobody has seen me fiercely debating on any political issues, or canvassing for any parties.
I am a soft man, love people, and am friendly to all. Many say I am not brave enough—- true, winning a gallantry award is not my cup of tea. When somebody suffers it pains me endlessly, I change TV channels whenever I see blood, or weapon welding people, I can not stand seeing those as those give me the creeps.
As  for today, I found in today’s newspaper that Goa chief minister, Manohar Parrikar , will  leave for USA, for further medical treatment. This report gave me a lot of interest because I am his admirer and pray to God for his early recovery.
I want to invite him saying that near to my village there is a hospital, he may come to treat himself there, believe me, many like you and me go there for taking medical treatment.
If at all, he does not like it for his treatment and bent on visiting USA, he may take along with him two of my fellow villagers–a vegetable seller and a tea vender ( they are true patriots), who are also suffering badly from one or the other disease, for their medical treatment. They will bless you profusely, and this may help you re-elect you for the next term also. Hope, you are listening.
Another thing that drawn my attention is that in konnagar Kanaipur high school, WB, bio-metric attendance device has been installed in the school. Every teacher have to record their attendance in school, as also each classes during the day. So far so good. Problem is that–I  have no doubt that very soon those electronic devices will fall useless, and wont be repaired on hundreds of excuses and those excuses will be so superbly constructed!!!! and the disuse of this device, will not be reported in Newspapers and channels, like it is being done now.