Doomsday chemical fentanyl seized at Indore.

This is a nightmarish news that  9 kg fentanyl a deadly synthetic opioid, is seized in an Indore laboratory, believed to be able to kill 4-5 million people. It is reported that a highly skilled scientist is involved in it, the bad deed is directed to America. I am deeply shocked and very much afraid, about where we are moving to. Top credit is to be given to the security personnel for catching the haul. Today it is directed to America, tomorrow or by mistake/error today itself, we Indians may be harmed also. No people –be it American or Indian, should be harmed in the first place. People have become destructive generally, find pleasure in harming others, and a man who is determined to harm others, can not be stopped always. Suppose a brigade of one hundred people on a deadly mission, is out to harm us, all of them can not be stopped. Even if ninety nine are caught in their sinister design, the hundredth man may escape, even a single man is enough to kill whole humanity. Imagine one man with quantity of fentanyl become successful in damaging public. There are innumerable known or unknown means to harm, who will fall to what, none is sure………similar feeling I had when in France, a truck driver drove his truck into a crowed killing many. Nobody, in their senses can  perceive of this.If at all these are to be stopped by security people only, our safety finally can not be ensured. Remedy is, in my opinion, is that people’s mind has to be reformed at the beginning of their life through education. But it looks it’s a tall order. I doubt. MAY BE DOOMSDAY IS UPON US ALREADY.