Buy here Bengali books on Ayurveda/ homeopathy, online. These books are products of A. B. Publication, Kolkata.

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A. B. PUBLICATION is a well-known publisher of Kolkata, publishing popular Bengali ayurveda and homeopathy books, for last 40 years with reputation. They are publishing and selling nearly 150 Best selling books, on a variety of topics. Their books are already being sold in online market places. Being encouraged by its popularity, a page opened here also. Interested customers may like to send their request to YOUR USEFUL BOOKS, by sending a mail to-‘ ‘, or may call at 9022641876. Alternatively, may order at the big online markets places. Some of the popular books given below for your buying—

English to Bengali Medical Dictionary With Illustration ( Hardcover)

Author--Dr. D. N. Ghosh. Price--850/-. Pages-1120. Printed-2017. Weight- 800 gm, L-21 cm, B- 12 cm, H-6 cm. This book is meant for medical students, teachers and doctors, and people associated with medical field at any level, and those non medical people but with curiosity. .



Author-by DR. M. Bhattacharya. Price-650/-, Hardcover. Every home needs it, incorporating time tested home-remedies and practices, handed down to us by our ancestors/previous generations. This is a valuable possession, and bedside adviser.


Buy. Title: POCKET ENGLISH TO BENGALI MEDICAL DICTIONARY Product Format: Hardcover Publication Year: 2018

Author-Dr. D.N. GhoshPrice --Rs 300/-+ postage. Weight-300gm, LXBXH=18cmx12cmx2cm . No Home should be without one certainly applies to this splendid Medical dictionary.


Comparative Materia Medica (original) Hardcover By Dr. N. C. Ghosh, M. D. (USA)

Name of the Book–[ Bengali] Comparative Materia Medica (original) Hardcover – 2014. by Dr. N. C. Ghosh “Dr. Narayan Chandra Ghosh” M.D. (USA). Price–Rs 450/-. Twenty second Edition. Page-1294. Weight-1.00 kg, L-18cm, B-12cm, H-05 cm. For last 60 years this masterpiece is in publication. Being lured by wide reach and popularity among medical community in the field of Homoeopathy, some unscrupulous publisher tried to infringe the copyrights law, and duly paid the penalty for such violation. Therefore, the sane word of caution to the buyers , is before making the purchase, please check the logo, and the original registration number which is legally owned by A. B. Publication, College street, Kolkata–700009. You may check that the book is selling well in the online market place of world-wide reputation. The book is written in a lucid Bengali, and is a must for every book shelf, and bedside, for ready reference, whether the household owner is a medical practitioner, or otherwise, Medical practitioner will be well equipped with it, and the non-medical person will satisfy his/her curiosity. You may collect the book from YOUR USEFUL BOOKS by sending a mail to ‘’.


Allen Keynotes of Materia Medica Hardcover – 2016 by Dr. H. C. Allen.

Price–Rs375/- Page-495. Edition-2014. Weight-450 gm, L-18, B-12, H-2. This is a Bengali translation of the famous homeopathic medical book— “ Keynotes and characteristics with comparisons of some of the leading remedies of the Materia Medica “ by Dr. H. C. Allen. This is the result of 17 years of painstaking research, and last 6 years of day-night hard work, by the present author who has translated the book in Bengali. Care has been taken to present this important work of Dr. Allen, in a simple and lucid Bengali, mother tongue of a great number of people from Eastern India, who are intelligent and inquiring. Care has been taken so that language do not become a barrier in the their pursuit of medical knowledge in homeopathy. This will serve well to the necessity of students, teachers, doctors, and the non-homeopathic people even, but of inquisitive and enquiring mind. In brief, this book has served a long time demand for users. Customer interested to buy the book , may do so by contacting the publisher of the book, direct, by writing a mail to YOUR USEFUL BOOKS at ‘’