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Now the world is made in China, what else I would say?—almost everything from  electronis goods, clothes, watches, TV, Camera and what not.

Our Govt. quite rightly became conscious recently to check whether electronics goods, cheap and popular, with  Indian masses—whether those are transmitting data secretly to a foreign server to aid our enemy, It is very much possible by secretly built-in devices in mobile phones imported from china  or by putting in pre-installed application in those communication devices. Better let than never.

I faintly remember the war between Britain and Argentina continued for 74 days, in 1982. A secret information collected by the British , broke the code of military intelligence of Argentine forces, and led to defeat the Argentina, which made them lose Falkland island to Britain. Such is the impact of data/information collected secretly !!!!. Similarly our imported devices might be a sleeping spy working in favour of China.

China’s intention is not good by any standard. They are expansionist, they are determined to control the world at any cost, to begin with India and her small neighbours. With Obama leaving , America receding from world-ly role, china is covering the newly vacated room. Over and above, China is  aggressive to the core. Their strategy is military, political and economic, will use all sorts of strategy to engulf the neighbours. Pakistan, our enemy, is a close ally of china already. China also influencing all of India’s other neighbours wih its financial and military power. Already unfairly controlling Indo-china Sea, none including America, appears to be able to check china.

So danger is lurking at our doorstep. Now is the time to take all precautionary measures. Don’t allow extension of Chinese hands till our homes/ Military establishments through our imported electronics good of mobile/machines ( if any) etc.spy china 04

This measures will ensure India’s security. This will also bring extra impetus to ‘ make in India’—ie what is now being imported, will be manufactured in India henceforth, generating employment for our masses—killing two birds with one stone. JAI HIND!!!! BHARAT MATA KI JAI !!!