There is the limitations of human thought which prompted Shakespeare to write “ there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio.  I had no idea that there can be so much limitations of my thought until I stumbled upon the news item this morning that Three  brothers who  are—a marine engineer, a doctor pursuing a masters in surgery  attached to a reputed hospital in Navi Mumbai, and a student of hotel management could have  their father  a gang leader of a tak-tak gang and the prime accused in a Rs 2.5 lakh theft case . This impossible father is also wanted in connection with a Rs 1.6 crore ATM theft case in Dharavi, Mumbai.

The most common modus operandi of the tak-tak gang involves knocking on a car’s door on the pretext of informing the driver about “oil leakage” or an accident. The moment the driver rolls down the glass of his window, other gang members engage the driver and flee with valuables, especially high-end mobile phones.

In another case, a stranger had knocked on woman’s car’s door saying he had noticed oil leak from her vehicle. She told cops that when she got down from her car to check, an unidentified man stole jewellery and cash lying on the backseat and fled. Earlier this month, cops arrested four accused, including  the father here under discussion, while they were in the midst of conspiring to commit another theft.

This news shocked me like anything, I cannot reconcile that a thief can have such sons who are doctor, MBA, and a marine engineer. We have learnt children learn to behave by imitating their parents, then how this big criminal had children that grew up to be so much responsible people.

This world is full of wonders, there is no end to it. There is no single formula to define the world, it is full of surprises—at every turn something new may reveal. Perhaps that is why I find the world so curious, so much worth living !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re examination of CBSE  clas XII ( Economics), Class X ( Mathematics)

My Granddaughter thought that now it is time for relax, and preparing to leave for Kolkata, to enjoy summer vacation with her friends, near and dear ones there. Within hours of finishing the exam, she learnt that her Maths question paper had leaked, and she has to reappear for the examination. Imagine her dismay, she is highly demoralized. Maths is her dreaded subject, and through joining coaching classes and working hard, she did well. She did ninety percent correct, and we along with her, were hoping that at last everything good in abundance was going to follow. She is demoralized. CBSE board is squarely responsible for this, there failure to do their duty properly, brought this harassment to innocent candidates.

She is reluctant to reappear, she along with others written to the board to cancel proposed re-examination, already signatories reached more than 30,000. As news suggests, CBSE and GOI, has ordered investigation to find out the guilty. This is a step in the right direction. Authority may expedite the measure, and fix guilty students and locate their centres, and compel  them, only them, and nothing but them,  to reappear in the exam, and those unconnected, and not took advantage of  question leak, may be spared this harassment from re-examining. HOPE, AUTHORITY IS LISTENING.

Only artificial intelligence can ensure right public service, and healthcare in India, weighed down by its 130 crores , mostly deprived people.

  As for me, I am obsessed with application of AI in all aspects of public service and healthcare in India. Almost nothing is perfectly in position. I do not blame our authorities for it, they are brilliant people. It is the sheer number what is at the root of all problem. It is a country of 130 crore people. It is an unmanageable number in a democratic set up.

Go to a municipality office, you will see an unwilling clerk is attending a huge number of tax-payers desperately waiting for  service; go to a bank branch, you will see a group customers waiting and the counter man has no time to look up to his customers; go to a hospital where a long queue of patients writhing in pain, waiting for the doctor impatiently; go to a police station to lodge a complaint against local hooligan, your ordeal starts . The list is endless. It is a story of multitudes, its a story of want, negligence, deprivation, inefficiency, and ignorance. Resources widely fall short of demand.

In view of above, we need to introduce AI which may help to meet the gap. In this connection , I have collected an article on AI , and reproduced below, in sharing with you all. Please read on.This article says how introduction of AI in healthcare can help us.

[[[A closer look at how AI works; how it can be integrated into the current healthcare delivery mechanism of the country and what are some of the other challenges AI faces in this space.

Artificial Intelligence(AI). A concept which has recently entered India and is slowly making its mark in various sectors and services. Healthcare startups along with hospitals are in the process of integrating AI into their workplaces to optimize the healthcare services delivery. This piece addresses two main questions – How do you integrate AI in the sector; how does one trust AI to do the right job?

Before we get about answering these two questions, it becomes essential to know what AI is and how it planned on being used in the healthcare services space.


In a country like India where the doctor-patient ratio is in a horrible state (1:1700 as opposed to 1:1000 per WHO standards), AI can take the country’s existing healthcare delivery and further accelerate the process. In fact, AI is the only thing which can bridge the inequalities in this sector. AI will also be paramount in processing large volumes of cases and data, allowing more immediate, effective healthcare delivery. For eg, AI is capable of figuring out which will be the next seasonal epidemic and effectively dealing with this situation. It can scour through all oncology journals and combine the research to come up with an actual cure for cancer.

In addition, the current world revolves around data. Medical data is a crucial part of online data and increasingly more people often google their symptoms expecting credible results. Another factor to keep in mind is the fact that AI and Deep Learning is becoming a central point for most of today’s innovation in the technology space and healthcare data is a part of this phenomenon too.


“We are taking healthcare beyond the boundaries of hospitals and specialized clinics, and augmenting doctors with our artificially assisted technology. We currently work with hospitals to assist their physicians in diagnosing diseases, and also with providing new patients,” says Pradeep Walia, co-founder of Artelus. His team adds “As part of our focus on screening we filter out people who are healthy and only send the ones that need medical care, thus reducing the burden on the healthcare system through unwanted tests and diagnostics. We provide a complete screening solution which can be easily integrated with hospital/clinic’s infrastructure. Any hospital staff or medical assistants can effectively use it to screen patients.”

Artelus is just one company within this tech-cum-medical AI space. Many such companies exist in the country and several others get added to the list each year. Sigtuple, another AI healthcare company is involved in helping the healthcare delivery process by making it easy to perform blood tests and more. “The solution for blood, Shonit™, has already undergone three clinical trials and will be soon available for user adoption followed by commercials. Other solutions are in the advanced stages of development,” says Rohit Kumar Pandey, Co-Founder, and CEO of SigTuple.

There are several others players in this space. A key challenge in this space would be to integrate AI into the existing hospital infrastructure. One can only assume that the upper echelon of hospitals adopt these technologies and start a trickle-down effect. In addition, as this sector becomes increasingly mature, companies which cater to the small/personal setup healthcare clinics using AI will become increasingly common.


“This is a very nascent and emerging field, and it is natural to be skeptical about it. We envisioned that, and have always emphasized the usage as a doctor assistance, or a virtual assistant to the doctor, thus increasing the doctors’ productivity, allowing them to see more patients, faster. And also to help them be more accurate with our tools as a second opinion tool.” the Artelus team has to say. But before all thumbs up are given, it becomes essential to look at the stakeholders in healthcare services to figure out if AI has a space in the Indian healthcare ecosystem.

The three key stakeholders are patients, doctors, and engineers. AI technology must achieve a check mark from all three.

Let’s take a look at engineers first. Most engineers trust artificial intelligence to perform a good job. Quoting examples of Apple’s ‘SIRI’ or Amazon’s ‘Alexa’, engineers have collectively been at the helm of developments in the AI space. Using data-driven methods such as deep learning, engineers stand firmly by AI. “AI learns only what we teach it to learn. Specialised AI programming for healthcare and other industries will be the gateway for the future. In fact, I believe they will mark the calendar date where Earth has an explosion of data. When talking about trust, it becomes essential to understanding learning. Teaching AI to do particular tasks is the same as teaching children multiplication. It takes time to trust the kid to do multiplication which has global effects. The same holds true for AI.” says Srinidhi R, engineer at 42hertz” who adds,  “How does one trust humans to do the right job anyway? Humans are more capable of making errors based on their fatigue levels, stress levels, emotional levels and how they want to see their career grow; AI isn’t limited by this.”

Next, doctors. AI needs to be a proven technology before doctors give their trust to it. Unlike engineers, who might be happy with a 97% success rate, doctors cannot take this risk. 3% of failure in getting exact results is extremely detrimental to medical practices and can have grave circumstances on 3% patients. However, it must be pointed out that these errors can occur from a human being too. Another key point, AI does not aim to replace or displace doctors from medical practices. This is impossible from both a machine and human viewpoint. 

AI is merely present to enhance doctor skill, diagnosis practices and help treat a patient in a more wholesome manner. Not just that AI will help reduce the number of cases that come to hospitals. It is estimated that over 90% accidents happen due to human errors; automating driving will reduce the hospital strain and resources on accident and trauma victims by roughly the same factor.

The last, and the most unique of these subsets, patients. Patients, unlike doctors and engineers, in most cases, have next to no idea about how either medicine or AI works and they make-up the biggest section of the stakeholders in this ecosystem. Due to misinformation, skepticism and the various challenges associated with the dissipation of technology, patients will be the hardest to convince in terms of AI benefits. Another big challenge associated with patients, is that they are going to spend the least time with AI. Convincing someone of the benefits of items they rarely interact with is absurdly complicated and challenging. Patients would much rather have their surgery performed by a human beings, humans that breathe and move and have the innate ability to get untimely cramps. A machine in this situation, is much more trustworthy and reliable at dissipating the right kind of treatment.

To sum up, one thing is clear, AI will have a noticeable impact on healthcare delivery. The extent to with which it will penetrate this space is unclear but it is definitely going to make it easier to minimize the problems that comes with a 1:1700 doctor-patient ratio. Another thing that can be said with certainty is that AI isn’t restricted to just the medical end; it has many other applications in healthcare space including record management, treatment scheduling, precision medicine, drug creation, patient communications and even facility design. It will, by all means, promote more empathy and human connect as machines will take over certain sub-sections of each jobs allowing more time for interpersonal relationships to develop. With all these possible application, AI is definitely going to be a game changer in the healthcare space. Time and technology will tell if the game is changed for the good or the bad.]]]


This is how communal harmony in the country may improve, with a little bit of dispute resolution engineering.


Members of the Buddhist community have filed a petition before the Supreme court claiming that the disputed land at Ayodhya is actually a Buddhist site. The petition says the claim is based on the four excavations, carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India, at the disputed site, with the last one being held in 2002-2003.
The petition claims that there was a structure relating to the Buddhist religion at the site before Babri mosque was constructed there. “The ASI excavation revealed the existence of stupas, circular stupas, walls and pillars which are distinctive features of a Buddha Vihar,” said the petition.

My point is different here, and it is solely to improve the communal harmony of the country. After Babri Masjid, it has touched the bottom. In this background, hard followers of both religions, are working overtime to whip up the religious sentiments keeping an eye to vote bank. Any time it may break into a civil war. Now, the present petition to Supreme Court may resolve the issue permanently, if my word is listened to.

A decision on the current petition, in favour of Buddhism may dissuade Hindus and Muslims—the warring community, from any possibility of  festering the wound further. If facts are in favour, all the best. Even if it is otherwise, SC may interpret the evidences in such a fashion so that betterment of society prevails. This can happen if Buddhism wins, neither Hindus nor Muslims.

I remember the time when A N Roy was made the chief Justice of India by superseding many of his seniors in 1972. There was a hue and cry throughout the country. Indira Gandhi, the ablest Prime Minister of India, told us that being senior in position, and of higher merit, should not be the only criterion for selection of judges of India, he must have social commitment, right kind of social philosophy, which will influence his decision connected with the welfare of society. Now it is time of social disharmony due to religious sentiments, decision on the current petition, should be such that Ajodhya should go to Buddhists.

Finding truth is important, more important is to establish the course of society towards welfare of all citizen.




Mumbai Municipal Corporation works impartially and fearlessly.

At least me, think that BMC works impartially without doing any favour to high and mighty. Usually big people take law in their own hand, and distort it to suit their own end, without any fear of punishment. This is the norm in our country generally.

BMC is a contrast. Recently, TOI reported BMC served notice to Kishore Kumar’s House in Gauri Kunj, in Juhu, as there has been unauthorised construction. Before this,  BMC issued notice to Shatrughna Sinha, a BJP MP for similar unauthorised construction. Previously, there was demolition  of Arshad Warsi, and  Shah Rukh Khan’s bungalow, even Shahrukh Khan had to pay Rs 1.9 lakh as labour charge to carry out the demolition of unauthorised portion and removal of related garbage… This all reminds me of one Mr Khairnar who once was a chairman of BMC and removed the unauthorised construction of mighty people. In a nutshell, BMC’s performance is commendable all through , it works fearlessly. I am proud of BMC.



Immediate after my retirement on the last day of December, 2011, I was in ecstasy that at last I am out of the daily grind of office . It was a real relief— when I say this, believe me, there is no hypocrisy in me. In my life I served under various employers and gave back to the employers what was their due from me but mostly, I did not enjoy my job. As soon as one enter in a work place in this set up, one has to sacrifice one’s independence. I am sure that myself, like my other colleagues—although a few, was never a duffer; the required intelligence for carrying out any job, I had in ample measure.

But the kind of job, environment, cultural practice, generally maintained enthusiastically, by the system, is always choking for an individual. Prevailing environment in a workplace, is hostile to human honour, dignity, independence, and many other things which a normal independent human being cherish. Any noble man with right values, right attitude, and intelligence is a prisoner gasping for breath, and wistfully look to the sky through the prison hole expecting when he will be released finally. Often, human values one is taught in our educational institutes before entering a job, has to be sacrificed to conform for survival in workplace. Sometimes you have the impression that all fair is foul, all foul is fair…………these jobs are mostly of repetitive nature requiring little or no intelligence, and is mechanical. One wonders, if all these human hands in the system can not be wholly replaced lock, stock, and barrel by artificial intelligence. Mediocrity is the order of the day, creativity is pooh poohed, and…………………..
This will be good for development of work place, human being as a social unit, and overall, absolute development of the organization and the country. Today or tomorrow, India will have to adopt it, willy-nilly, in line with the world, this will remove all sorts of inefficiencies including corruption from the system. Being out of such a system, naturally, I was full of ecstasy. Next six months followed was a great relief, a continuous story of freedom and release. Several days I waked through the night walking the streets, followed by sleeping throughout the day.
Soon after a year, after having had all the physical rest, I was trying to be engaged in a work. But ultimately did not find a suitable one , moreover, I must admit that post retirement what employers pay now a days after independence due to general rise of wealth of the country , is sufficient to lead a happy life unless one has expensive habits. Any man born and brought up in a middle class should not have any complaint. I also do not have any complaint. There is a necessary health cover also, with God’s blessings living happily with everything aligned.
Tagore said that being born in opulence, makes your life short, but there is a difference of opinions also, for common man as well as for great thinkers. Somerset Maughm said the opposite, ‘ I have nothing but contempt for the people who despise money. They are hypocrites or fools. Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five. Without an adequate income half the possibilities of life are shut off. The only thing to be careful about is that you do not pay more than a shilling for the shilling you earn. You will hear people say that poverty is the best spur to the artist. They have never felt the iron of it in their flesh. They do not know how mean it makes you. It exposes you to endless humiliation, it cuts your wings, it eats into your soul like a cancer ‘. In my opinion, Maughm is true in terms of lump-sum end-pleaure, Tagore is true in terms of moment to moment living in later life.
With this background, I have enough experiences of life and it is always fine to write your experience because writing gives pleasure. When you are bored and down in life, just get up and set yourself up to write—you soon get straightened up suddenly, from the toe to your head. You become most alert and start feeling that you have just taken a healthy tonic, effect never wear off so long you are in the process of pouring down your thoughts, correcting words/ sentences, adding, subtracting, changing the order of words/ paragraphs. But one caution that, here is inherently a gap, between what you write and what your reader read– required ability may lack at either end. It is always there, will be always there, never mind it. But one caution, do not write for others, write for yourself and then only you will enjoy. I enjoy because I write for myself, not for anybody else, I have no objection if you throw to dustbin. My job is done.
I write as per my whims, on anything that comes my way. I wrote as many as 75 articles by this, too many more jostle and crowd my mind to have their voice—loud and audible. I visited DIGNITY FOUNDATION which cares for senior citizens. I joined them but started feeling old for the first time. I came back to my nest. One day I attended a lecture there which advised people with writing ability to make a blog and affiliate. The idea inspired me, actually such an opportunity I was softly working for, and naturally their idea caught me.

Came back home from DIGNITY FOUNDATION,and applied the idea, and the result is before you. I monetized my site by seeking affiliation of amazon. The real import is that when a reader comes to my site, and decide to buy anything on scrutinizing amazon’s advertisements using my gateway, I will be paid a nominal fee that in its present form, will go to cover the cost of maintenance of my site. If any of you want to make same type of effort and don’t know how to, I may help you. If you already know it, and know far better, please help me improving my site.

Our school books say that the whole story of progress of human race, is a give and take. I realise now what I read in school those days, I did not understand then, used for passing the exam only; now at the age of 66 , I start to understand the real meaning of those.

So, ultimately, mobile phone do no harm—Really ??????????.

Is mobile phone really without any side effect?? Two latest American studies say that using mobile phone is harmless, if it does, that must be very small as per them. I am a small man, not a medical person, but I take this sort of news with a pinch of salt. There has been a continuous report that mobile phone harms, for me the latest finding regarding mobile phone cannot be correct. My doubt is because, suppose the findings were otherwise ie radiation of mobile phone harms, in that case, what would be the effect of it?, can the Govts all over the world, control the use of mobile phone??. No, no Govt on this earth can control the use of a mobile phone which has become widespread by this time . In such a scenario what will happen to the businesses that is pivoting upon/ or making use of mobile phones constantly, there is a pressure, as I guess, to rationalize the use of mobile phone. The latest two American ‘findings’ are in that line, this is my strong guess.

Use of mobile phone has become an integral part of almost all people’s lives. Just look around wherever you are at this very moment, you will see that most of the people are using mobile phones; when they are in a group of people, it is natural that they could be talking to each other direct, instead, they are finding something in the net of his smart phone or talking on the phone to a distant man. Further, a great part of daily chores are performed by smart phone. It has become an integral part of our life world over, doing away with mobile phone is unthinkable. Moreover, application of artificial intelligence is knocking at the door because AI will require mobile phone extensively. People say soon 70% of present jobs in the market will not be anymore, those will be done AI.
It is possible that this sort of studies done purposively- possibly paid, calculative way to arrive at a convenient conclusion which is workable, convenient and not stopping money making pursuits. Actually whole world moves around making money. Where there is no money those will not be pursued any more………… Take the cases of drugs. Before finally releasing an allopath drug in the market, effect of the medicine are studied on human being also, but only those findings are published which is favourable for selling to happen. Wherever, any adverse effect is noted, those studies are not published or those toned down. Actually, here is a business what is the main criterion. I am sure if tomorrow, by magic power, a medicine is invented which cures all the diseases permanently, that new medicine will never be released in the market.
Coming back to latest Amarican studies on mobile use, I understand the reason also. Actually, certain things are not workable. Take the case of selling of wayside foods in our country, which is consumed by our gentry widely throughout the country simply because those are cheap. But those foods cannot be without bad effect; it has to be, for in preparing those foods sub-standard and cheap ingredients are used which lowers the cost of the finished foods to sell well. I am sure you also have experienced these very bad and sub standard foods. Yet those are certified to be good and healthy foods, otherwise, Authorities had to control these which they cannot control, much easier to certify that those foods are really harmless to save their own embarrassment like what Americans studies have said that use of mobile phone is harmless, if it harms, then harm is very minimum. It could not be otherwise.
You will soon see how these two reports wil be widely cited and quoted by mobile tower companies . Actually, world is driven by economics, life of a human being is not sacrosanct. We cannot fight against anything very organized—national or international, we have to accept it, acceptance brings peace of mind.

Ticketless passengers travel Rajdhani express by bribing ticket examiner.

Just now ie at 8-00 pm of 2nd February, 2018, I watched an elaborate sting report in ABP ANANDA TV channel, where bold reporters brought before us how freely and in a carefree way ticketless passengers  can travel in various Rajdhani expresses and other prestigious trains-north, south , east and west,  in the country. The report is quite exhaustive, and I would suggest every citizen of the country , if possible, to collect and preserve this video podcast as a record for future. There cannot be anything untrue in the reports as the reporters showed us vivid video records by their hidden camera. As a sufferer, I say that this is no short of classic  dimension, reporters have given a great service to the nation. What is important that the guilty involved in this misdeeds who  are propagating this corruption , doing it boldly, have no fear. Appears there is no control of authority over this corruption, looks they are powerless. The corruption here irrespective of the color of the Govt. in power, like many other aspect are practiced systematically. There is no chance that this will change ever.

It is a gross violation of ethics that ticketless passengers who should have been thrown behind bars are pampered with allotment of birth against collection of bribe money in important trains like Rajdhani express/ Duronto. Bribe is the main consideration. With this kind of attitude, any terrorist may safely get into a safe berth in the Rajdhani, Duronto etc, and cause damage to hundreds of passengers and railway property. Now it is understandable why and how passengers’  luggage are regularly stolen from prestigious trains, inspite of presence of coach attendant, ticket collector, bedding boy, catering staff, and of course, security guards around. The grave thing is that whenever theft occurs, all these people I have mentioned are not around, the person who have lost the luggage frantically run about to find a solace, they find none at this crucial time. Victims of theft of luggage in the prestigious trains accuse the train staff involved in it—if you are a regular newspaper reader, you must have read of this suspicion in newspaper many many times. After watching in the ABP Ananda’s video today, the kind of involvement of ticket examiner in facilitating ticketless travelling in Rajdhani and other prestigious trains, it looks that it is very much possible there may be  active involvement of train staff in the periodic theft of luggage in Rajdhani/ Duronto Trains. In this backdrop, God forbid, if tomorrow there is any terrorist induced train accident, these train staff will definitely have a hand in it simply because these staff can do anything in exchange of money. We are unsecured, who will save us?? Who will hear us? None, because there is no saviour around.

The sting operation of ABP ANANDA also have shown how bad, unhealthy, adulterated and risky  food in all sorts, are served to the passengers with impunity. The railway authority does not seem to have any control on the operators, from the talks of railway officials it seems they are just helpless, cannot have any control in distant future even. It looks nobody-irrespective of the color of the Govt., is in a position to administer a country of 130 crores people. I sympathize for it is too big a task for them, I think that dividing the country at least in 200 independent self contained states in the present Indian union, where a common citizen can meet any minister whenever he requires and discuss his problem. Dear reader, I want to ask whether you have  ever been successful to met your minister whenever you needed, I am sure, you never could meet. Because they are too far and too few, for an ocean of people.

I had such an experience in that I desperately wanted to meet our prime minister, but I miserably failed. My idea was to express my grievance to him. The issue was I lost my luggage in the train on 22.10.2016, while I was coming to Mumbai from Howrah in  a ACII tier coach, in train no-12210. We seven passengers were drugged by the thieves before stealing away our luggage. After the loss, all of coach attendant, ticket examiner, bedding suppliers and catering staff were mysteriously vanished……we contacted private channels to inform of our theft and they started telecasting it in TV nation wide..This nationwide telecast made the authorities to move. Their packaging part begun to function, groups of railway staff/policemen started visiting us asking the same question repeatedly and irritatingly. FIR was lodged. As was expected, after six months, they informed that on not being able to recover the luggage they were closing the case. You know that it would have this fate anyway. That’s why, out of seven people who lost the luggage on that day, four did not report their loss as we did , because they knew nothing would be done by police/ or the railway authority. I admit that their foresight was more than mine. You can understand my anger.

Next I registered myself in  much publicized PMO’s grievance website.  As you know in this website, when you want to register you have to submit all your details like detailed postal address, mail id, phone nos etc etc, and I submitted all those, moreover, otherwise, the site would not have accepted my registration . I submitted all the details of my theft case also, seeking a compensation of Rs 40, 000 for my loss, also wanted to meet the prime minister personally. Now what followed is interesting  …………in reply PM’s office asked for my details ( it was not necessary at all because by submitting my details only I was registered in the site). Again I submitted all my details—theft case and contact details, still the reply was same ‘ submit your details’ without any elaboration or change of words. Now, it dawned upon me actually they did not want to do anything, at this I submitted that I understood that it was really difficult to rule a country of 130 crores people, and I did not like to pursue my case anymore.

Now finally I wonder if an educated man like me has to suffer like this, don’t get justice, what must have been the fate and suffering of crores of my illiterate, half-fed, unfed, naked countrymen???? In this backdrop, I wish I lived in a small, compact, well administered society where my safety, security and dignity would be ensured. !!!!!!!!!!…may be in my next birth my dream will be realized.

[ whenever I am aggrieved/ angry about anything, I tell it to my friends in an adda. This gives me a great relief, brings a  good night’s sleep, I have done the same thing here. The change is instead of speaking I wrote it down in this blog. This blog for me just what was the cloud for the great poet Kalidasa—of course, before he received the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.]


High and mighty will join the reform process only when they start suffering like the poor/ under privileged.

This morning’s TOI (Date 21.1.2018) carried a shocking news. The only son of a city police was bitten by a rabid dog, and he then like a common man ran from pillar to post, to get a bed in the hospital which he did not get, and the result was that his priciest wealth in the world for any father, died. I wish this only a bad dream. The grieved father lamented, ‘ For the first time, I realized how difficult life is for the common man’. Here, I have a side comment to make, but before that I remind all that this shocking incident may happen to anybody and anytime -you, me or anybody else.
Even being from the police Department, also did not save him. But such incident everyday is happening to half fed, unfed nameless multitudes, but no one know of it to keep count, because in this society they are under privileged and nameless and too many in number. In this unequal society ( don’t read me as a communist), high and mighty are specially served , to the neglect of the common people of meagre/no means. In essence, first of all you are weighed by your nuisance value—that is how much damage you can inflict upon others when you want. True, there is a democracy ( duly diluted by our Indian version), and social institutions created under it, but mostly, people sitting there weighs you by your nuisance value, and if you have it high, they will serve you. What I say here is not any revelation, any common man know it, but there is a rider, you can’t go about mentioning it—in that case you may be digging your own grave.
Essence is until high and mighty in the society suffers, remedy will not be sought seriously. Two days back there was report in the newspaper, and editorial comment, that a huge percentage of class VIII pass cannot read his mother tongue, or do basic calculation correctly. Earlier, an international study had shown mathematical skill of class III of south Korea is equal to our class VIII student. This poor quality of education does not effect the rich, for, a rich send their sons and daughters to developed countries for their education, naturally, they do not have concern for poor quality education as available in the country. Same is true for medical care. When high and mighty suffer, they go abroad to get their medical treatment and come back, what is the need for reforming the education or medical institution in the home country. Unless and until, rich, mighty and powerful suffer as the helpless and poor, there will not be any focus for their improvement, once improved, all the common people will reap the benefit. Although, the issue is different, there is talk of prison reform now a days, for, some big people have been sent to prisons for their misdeeds, coming back they talk of prison reform because they suffered.
Forgive me, here I will drift a bit left, talk about terrorism. Since nineties, India suffered terrorism, America and other countries in the west only gave their lip service, did nothing internationally, for the safety of Indians. …. For the first time in2001, terrorists struck America by demolishing its twin towers, then they got the real shock of terrorism, and understood our pain, gradually come up now to help India and condemn Pakisthan as the route cause of terrorism. If America did not taste terrorism even now, I think, they would not still have supported us, still would remain unaware of our problem. I understand, there is a shift of Geo-political position, never the less this is a powerful factor in that America suffered terrorism. In our country, while high placed persons, VIPs,  have to be highly compensated, commensurate to their talent, merit, but they must be compelled to use public transport, common people’s healthcare and education infrastructure as available to common man. Only then, they will be aware of the problems, and will be concerned for improving those.
Without the active help of high and mighty, you can’t reform institutions—national and international, things starts changing when they get the blow and then only, they climb down from their ivory tower to address common man’s problem and pain.
I have been dragged into all these analysis, by the unfortunate death. I only will that high and mighty join the under privileged to reform the institutions of society so that all of us get proper service, to live a healthy life. INDIA HAS ENOUGH RESOURCES FOR ITS PEOPLE TO LIVE A HEALTHY, WEALTHY , AND PROSPEROUS LIFE. YE MERA MAN KI BAAT.

Solving unemployment in Mamata Bannerjee’s way

Shankar , a great Bengali writer in his novel SIMABADHHA said that for the unemployed in Kolkata, in the seventies, there were two ‘ Man’, one was Pitman, the other was Hahnemann. Typing schools in every locality in those days, would teach unemployed men Pitman’s stenography for earning them a few hundred rupees monthly, but would mostly end up being  mere typists because of their  insufficient knowledge of English and lack of personality skill. Mostly, people from south India would be preferred for these stenographers’ jobs because of their better working English, hard work and self-discipline. Yet typing/ stenography schools would be full of unemployed Bengali youth, and some of the really bright ones only made way to become real stenographers .

The next ‘Man’ was Hahnemann. Having abandoned from every other field, and having no other option, the unemployed would buy Bengali homeopathic books from college street shops, would read a little bit of those at home understanding yet less, and then opened his dispensary in a street corner, equipped with a few chairs, a small tea- table and certainly a signboard. These ‘doctors’ would have a modest income  as ninety percent of human diseases are of nominal nature, and heal on its own as those are cured by human immunity system itself, for here, no medicine was required for the cure. As no serious patient would visit them, their inefficiency would never be seriously challenged and exposed. Here I am strictly not speaking of those qualified Homeopathic doctors passing from recognized reputed colleges who were really doing a great job.

I am not much of a wanderer, or hard-wired traveller making constant tally of tourist places visited—because that nature of tour is more of a hard task, rather than an enjoyable travelling. I do this as it comes my way. Generally, I stay in the outskirts of Mumbai city, and periodically come to Kolkata– my home town, to live for a month or so. During last six years, when I tire in Kolkata I go to Mumbai, when I tire in Mumbai I come to stay in Kolkata meeting  my old friends, and visiting  places I grew up. Never I over do things. I enjoy the change of places and seasons.  In Mumbai four months of rain is pleasant, in Kolkata, in December, winter is pleasant.

Now I am in Kolkata and noted some changes which are quite stark. Huge unemployment exists here, youths are making makeshift arrangement for their survival. The saviour of the unemployed now unlike in seventies, is e-auto driving, televaja and roti making. The loss due to severe unemployment does not bite them much because bengalees are generally happy go lucky people, culturally tuned to talk football, cricket, music, art films and enjoy life even  in the midst of severe poverty. But my issue here is unemployment.

Old people who does not have any other means of livelihood, making rotis for sale is the practice of many days, and I find this practice quite acceptable, and should be left alone for this group of old people. While idle women of households keep themselves busy in watching DIDI NUMBER ONE, SUDIPA’S RANNA-GHAR and the like, having no time for the kitchen, these wayside roti makers make rotis for those idle women suffering constantly from pain in the neck and the back, and in the process, those old needy roti makers earning a few bucks is good enough. I am happy as by this, some old people without any other means of earning, can earn some money. But problem is this that young people in their 20s/30s, in their hordes, also started taking to this roti making, this points to existence of severe incurable unemployment.

Other means of earning a living for the young unemployed is toto driving. Environmentally Totos are OK as those are run by un-polluting battery, this is better than existing auto-rickshaws. But too many totos, almost forming a conveyor belt are on the street, making it impossible to walk in the too narrow lanes, by-lanes and streets. Obviously, supply of totos on the street are much more than the actual demand, a crude way to hide unemployment. Manual rickshaw puller who are voiceless, confused and fearful, in this changing trend, are going slowly out of business. Future looks to be bleak for this vulnerable class.

Other common means of livelihood is ubiquitous telebhaja shops frying and selling –chops, beguni, phuluri and the like. These wayside telebhaja shops are by no means new, they were always existing, but what is new and attracts comment here is that those shops have multiplied many folds. The young unemployed made it a serious profession for their livelihood—perhaps they have taken seriously Didi’s only prescription for solving unemployment. I would not be surprised if tomorrow she ordains to do away with the railways , and introduce  e-auto/toto in replacement,  because in her estimation, it would create more employment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my fear is not baseless, for, buses from certain routes have already been withdrawn, simply because totos are taking away their passengers, a march backwards!!!!!!!!!

It’s a matter of serious concern. The youth is the future of any society, if their abundant energy and creativity is not used in a fruitful and developmental way, and are compelled to live  like  an old people, making profession out of roti making and telebhaja shop, then the future is definitely bleak. Would Singur have made a difference??—Es curioso el camino de la política, realmente !!!!!!!!

Safety and security of journey in Indian Railway vis-a-vis repeated theft


I am not to reveal anything exciting because what I suffered in the Rail is familiar to many many people from their own experience. People even don’f complain because they do not have confidence in Govt machinery. All have a store of their bitter experiences from direct incidents of their life .I want tell one of my experience about a train journey.
I boarded Train for my journey to Mumbai on 21.10.2016 from Howrah station, the name of the train was Howrah Mumbai Express, Train no was 12810, coach AC 1 15. Train was packed, usual pantry car staff and police as security guards, were all seen doing their rounds. Coach attendant was also present . Suddenly, in the next morning I woke up at about six in the morning to the alarm raised my wife , and other passengers, that our baggages were stolen. There was an uncommon medicinal smell in the coach. What is surprising in a coach of 72 passengers, all were in deep sleep. It was thought later that most likely that sleeping drug was sprayed sending us to unconscious sleep, making it convenient for the thieves to take out luggage from deep inside under the lower birth seat, my wife in her cautiousness placed the costly suitcase hidden at the far end behind other passenger’s luggage. None of us could be aware of taking out of the luggage by the thieves in the process, in our unconscious sleep under the influence of spayed drug. Total seven passengers lost their luggage through this theft. Quite surprisingly, none of the coach attendant, security guards, bedding supplying man, pantry men could be located , all of us running from end to end of the coach in desperation. Some of those must have been involved in thr theft.
Passengers were angry of the physical loss and insecurity. Some of the passengers telephoned to private channels like ABP ananda, 24 Ghanta etc. These channels did a great job, they talked to us live on the channel, contacted various Railway authorities, even Rail Ministry, everybody assured us that guilty would be punished, we would be compensated. Channels did a great job, for some channel it was day’s most important news. Awakened, a lot of men—Rail staff in civil and uniform came and enquired about the loss from us, a police troupe came and noted down details and got us signed, and assured us FIR will be lodged in Bilaspur PS. Out of 7 Passengers who lost the luggage, four did not show any interest to report saying that it was going to be a futile exercise. But I was pumped up with enthusiasm, that something would happen ultimately, our goods would be found out or else, compensation would be paid. Suddenly I started feeling I am an important man and thought good of our Govt. Now when I look back I realize it was only childish on my part, my temporary euphoria amidst loss of belongings later died down. All these police actions after the loss and their assurances in this connection was only a packaging without any content, on discovery of the same this filled me with frustration and hopelessness, cursing the self that we are unfortunate to be born as Indian. We do not have the dignity of living. If this is the condition of educated man travelling a AC class, what must be the condition of the multitudes totally uncared for living in far flung places. India exists in two levels, one is rich and corrupt who enjoy everything good in this world, and the other level is poor, half fed, unfed and deseased, they are born unnoticed, die unnoticed, remains uncounted during entire life.
A few days after reaching home I lodged my grievance in the PMO’s grievance redressal site, they forwarded my grievance to Bilaspur RPF police station because the crime primarily occurred in their jurisdction. After several reminder there was a reply after six months in the grievance site that Bilaspur police’s investigation was complete, the outcome of investigation was that they neither could catch the rogue , nor recover the Lost baggage—it was a foregone conclusion!!!!.
In reply to that I asked in the grievance site that now police acknowledged the loss, and their investigation could not recover the loss or catch the thief, I should now be paid compensation of Rs 40,000/- which at the time of first reporting was shown to be the value of my loss. Next, they informed in the site that they are not the compensation giving authority, I might approach the concerned authority—here they should have guided me by mentioning the name of the authority of the Deptt/Govt where I could next claim the related compensation. They kept mum as if compensation giving authority belongs to some other Govt of some other country on which they do not have control and they do not have the knowledge.
I then wanted to meet our Prime minister personally to apprise him the day- to -day suffering of common man in the hand of insensitive administration by citing my case. The reply was—“’ In completed details to passenger. Please submitted to complete details. “, must be the reply was given not more than a class IV staff. Any sensitive man will have a feeling that grievance redressal machinery at PMO office is not at all serious about your problem or intend to solve it at all, it is simply a window dressing, at its best it is an attempt to put up something looking good where there was none before. Differences amount to this only, nothing more; whereas on the ground we are dreaming that at last the man has come to deliver the Indians from the abysmal depth. In balance, I would like to say that this is the dignity we Indians live with. WHAT MUST MUST HAVE BEEN THE DIGNITY CITIZENS OF DEVELOPED COUNTRIES ENJOY!!!!! I….. I FEEL JELOUS OF THEM, AND YOU??.
For information to my readers, my final submission to the PMO office is as follows—“ In this connection this is my last. I know your office will do nothing, still please read the disposal under ref at MORLY/E/2017/11738 dated 08.06.2017 in this site. Your office’s disposal done in a perfunctory manner. This is humiliating for any sensitive citizen, if I were born in a developed country-would it have been my fate?? You can understand the dignity with which we common Indians live. If this is the helplessness of an educated man, imagine what will be the kind of helplessness of the half- fed, unfed, deaseased, naked multitude Indians. My man-ki-baat is– can I be a citizen proud of my country with this treatment meted out to me ???? I know you are trying to change the country but administering a country of 130 crore people is Herculean.I have my support for you.



CCTV in courts will significantly enhance judicial transparency–one more step towards further strengthening democracy.

Henceforth CCTV camera will record proceedings of all courts in India. This will certainly increase  much needed transparency of courts. There are huge pendency of cases in courts, endless adjournment of cases are given. We have included features of constitution from other countries like UK/USA in the constitution of India, therefore we may learn from the practices adopted from them. There are examples in those countries that they do audio-visual recordings of their court proceedings, as TOI reports US supreme court proceedings are even available on youtube.

No one is infallible in this world. Putting everything on camera psychologically prepares us to put up our best to public. Lot of people from different interest group like advocates, court staff, security personnel in addition to the parties to the case visit court daily. Audio visual recording of the court room will bring in a lot of transparency. Think of Indian masses in far flung areas living in ignorance and fear of the unknown and disbelieve, and mostly do not believe their equal rights against high and mighty is also enforceable through courts.

In this background audio-visual recording of court proceedings will increase their faith , knowledge in our kind of democracy. In fact, this sort of thing should be done in all countries especially in under-developed poor countries.

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Eminent Muslims those did not want partition of India

It ‘s true that fight with Pakistan weakening the country in all the fields we may think of. Heavy drainage of fund, weakening international position, constant loss of life of our soldiers and common innocent citizens, and of course there is a never ending terrorism–I do not think this will ever stop.

This means we and our children have to learn to live under constant insecurity for next 100 years. This uncomfortable products of partition of India not only damaging /destabilizing India, it has produced  terrorism for the whole world. The boundary was demarcated –now looks carelessly,  only with a notice of one month, by a surveyor who never visited India before or after. Who knows if demarcation were done more carefully, perhaps, perhaps, today’s border disputes would have been avoided.

Better still it would be good if there were no partition at all.  If there were no partition there would not be any Pakistan, with no Pakistan there would not be any border,  with no border there would not be any war with Pakistani, there would not be any terrorism and many other ills that are afflicting us. I have a fear that enmity with pakistan ultimately may lead to nuclear war destroying India and the world …………….

Here are a few among many Muslims who did not want partition—


1.-Abdul Quaiyum Khan—Belonging to the North west frontier province (NWEP), Khan was educated at Aligarh Muslim University and London school of Economics. He became a barrister and was one of the eminent lawyers of NWEP. Dr Shamsul Islam in his book—“ Muslims Against Partition”, says that he had declared that his province would resist partition of the country with its blood.

2.-Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad—He was an Indian scholar and a senior Muslim leader of the INC before Independence.

  1. Gulam Hussain Hidaytullah—He was first Chief minister of Sindh ( 1937-38)

4.- Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan- needs no introduction

5.-Hasrat Mohani- A noted poet poet, ‘ Inquilab Zindabad’  was coined by him in 1921.

6.-Dr Zakir Hussain- Needs no introduction

7.-Moulana Hussain Ahmad Madni- A founder member of Jamia Milia Islamia, and also a religious leader.