Yesterday I attended the Vijaya sanmilani of Milan Mancha at the Kalpataru club house adjacent to MIG cricket club in Bandra East. The venue, strategically located for the convenience of members to attend, was arranged by Renu Swamy couple, like they had done  last year. It was a compact 4 -hours happy gathering of the members of Milon mancha, primarily, it was a cultural meet exchanging good wishes after Durga puja, followed by song, dance, drama etc where children also participated in a major way. There were many artists from many fields to perform–mentioning there name individually will eat up all the space here, naturally that is not my intention here in the interest of brevity. only a few of those present actually performed because of paucity of time. Rudra Mondal rightly said many of our artist-members are so popular that they alone can carry a program single handed whole night successfully.  Not to be surprised, many are nationally  known, one is even PADMA SHREE awarded. Some of our artists  often give international performances. Do you want to be on-board next time? if you are of like mind and have innovative idea on travelling, you are very much welcome, in fact, MM is long in search for you, please contact Sri Rudra Mondal at Milon Mancha…………………………………… Program started at 6.00pm, and I left after dinner at 11.00 pm.


Primarily credit  goes to Rudra Mondal and Sharmistha, they created the platform Of MM wherein they pulled in, such accomplished artists from all fields. This platform is gradually becoming the centre-stage, of all like-minded cultured Bengalees in Mumbai. I am grateful to Shivaji Sanyal–actor, poet, writer, model, author, a multi-disciplinary man, who referred me here, but for whom I could not have made accessed to this bunch of wonderful, and magnificent set of people.

With the lasting impression I returned home at around 1.00 am in the night. LONG LIVE MILON MANCHA!!!!!!

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Milon Mancha, has just completed a week’s tour of Rajasthan. As usual, they have done the tour quite effectively. Touring with MM, is a different experience. A  great leadership, excellent team work , understanding members, leaves a lasting experience. Moreover, the tour is done unlike the tour operators, at a minimum possible cost and time, without compromising comfort. Tours are financed strictly on a cost sharing basis.

It was a one week tour, visiting places of interest in Jaipur. For full account of the tour, you may look it up MM’s main face book page. Here, only some random photos of the tour, taken by their two professional photographers–Amalendu Sil and Rudra Mondal, are given to just give an idea as to how was the tour.

Those who have not toured with them, for them making an idea of tour will be difficult. During tour, you may get a bonus also for which you do not pay. Its members are not ordinary people, they are special people because they are singers, actors, recitationists, poets, writers, models, playwrights, theater activists. Most of them are well known people of Mumbai. Naturally, when you are in company with them during the tour, your time spent becomes very entertaining and unforgettable–only because they are all special people….




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