Newspaper and channels do not report this because this kind of news do not make much sensation but those exists never the less. It is true, presently, there is much bad blood, there are a lot of good will also that in balance can heal the country–the latter do not make headlines and do not sale, so not reported in newspapers and channels.

I am very much demoralized by seeing regularly, the existing religious animosity in the country, bad dreams about the future of the country often gives me nightmares. Sometimes, it looks all have gone mad. I cannot forget the scene that thousands of Syrians running for life , or the dead body of the young child lying in the Mediterranean shore. You may lough at me by learning of my timid heart, but I do not have shame to admit it publicly.

In the midst of this competitive madness, this Maulana’s lecture reassures me that everything is not lost, there is hope yet. Newspapers and channels may find out cases of such positive thought and publish regularly–at least timid hearts like mine will have reason to live with hope for the future. Listen to the lecture¬† of Maulana—