Sports equipments newly installed  at Amul Nagar —





Sports equipments at Vijay park—

This is an example how our municipality is working for the welfare of tax payers, recently there was a steep hike in municipal taxes, making us unhappy , but it looks from above, increase of taxes will go to welfare for the masses. In that case, we don’t have objection to pay extra taxes when we get extra welfare. Paying Re 1/- for a public urinal to have it clean, is far far better than getting stinking dirty urinal for free, because the latter means 100% wastage of tax payers money.

The above are the equipments for play for children, and light physical exercises, for common men, women, residing in this area. This will keep all the individuals of this area physically  fit, they need not go to Gym—all cannot afford,  which usually charges a hefty amount and is a money making business with them. As you can see from the picture, those equipments are easy to use even without the help of any instructor,  anybody can exercise with those equipments. What made me happy and prompted me to write this article, is that while on a morning walk, I saw a group of women, a few heavily clothed and in Burkha clad, aging up to 75 years, using those light physical exercise instruments, for betterment of health.  A country becomes strong when its women becomes strong. Many of those I guess suffer from diabetes and blood pressure in the minimum, and then add to it more complicated deceases in individual cases.  Before this, municipality had cleaned previously abandoned parks, for playing football, volleyball etc where now, young and old men play and exercise regularly.

This is a great service to the tax payers. Young men are too much addicted to mobile phones, by which they are becoming lazy  which is damaging their future health. Physical exercises form character of the youth, makes them healthy, and keep them away  from aggression and other unhealthy traits.

A great credit for arranging grounds, cleaning those, buying sports and exercise instruments and installing them, go to MAHILA BACHATGAR SAMITY—a group of local  women, dedicated to welfare of women and children. Making a one time buy is not so much difficult, but maintaining those throughout the year is certainly difficult, and this is done by these women regularly, you will see that these women with a small stick in hand making rounds in the working hours of the park so that users are disciplined .

Local Vasai-Virar Municipality have helped them with the contract, it has double purpose, on the one hand they do this work patiently with love and care, on the other, they will make a little profit for their own samity. Being local, they can care better their work. In contrast, just think of such contracts were given instead to hard core seasoned contractor…………………….

I am proud of Mahila Bachat Garh Committee of Naigaon and their work–well maintained playgrounds, playing equipments for children, and light exercise equipments for men, women and children. What is very very notable here that money is well spent here,  here everything is productively being used. LONG LIVE MAHILA BACHAT GARH SAMITY of NAIGAON, AND VASA-VIRAR MUNICIPALITY.

Finally, I want to conclude that if one has the right intention, and service attitude, even with smaller finance one can do wonders. Here, equipments in the park are of low cost–each costing hardly Rs 5000/10,00, maximum Rs 15000, but have the potential to change a human being, the basic unit of our society. I am sending this article to my native place where I live in a housing society, with the purpose if they can learn anything from it. There is no harm in it, for ideas/ Knowledge travels from one end to the other, to take the civilization ahead.  THIS ARTICLE IS MY TRIBUTE TO WOMEN’S POWER, ON THE WOMENS’ DAY. Thanks for reading.