Why women talk more

Although, it was always a matter of conjecture, only a few years back a sort of conclusion was drawn by a female neuroscientist after her research work–that women really talk more. As per her finding a woman speaks 20,000 words a day, and a man speaks 7000 words a day, in an average. Actually, a woman can not ‘ be’ without speaking.
While she speaks, she gets a high–similar to the rush that addicts experience when they get a hit on using the drug. She does not have any fault of her own, rather her biology is responsible. When she speaks, her brain releases chemicals –serotonin and oxytocin, and this gives her a feeling of mood elevation. Some medicine known for calming down mood consist of these chemicals.
Further a woman has in her system a protein called Foxp2. When researcher experimented with Rats, they found that male rats have more of this protein Foxp 2, and the consequence of this is that male younger rats squeaks much more than his female counterpart. Presence of this particular protein Foxp2 in woman’s system makes them talk more. Researcher found, by injecting Foxp2 protein in a group of men and woman, to effect the area of brain that processes language skill….. In case of human being a girl starts speaking earlier and louder, than a boy, a girl learn to form complex sentences earlier than a boy.
More speaking may also be due to the fact that women are more collaborative and socializing, in interpersonal relationship. Women deal things emotionally, and this behavior requires use of more words. In a women’s group when they move out, they are more proximate, compared to in case of men.
Men prefer keeping themselves away from emotional issues and much socializing, they like more to involve into matters that is connected with power and influencing, rather than emotions.
When under stress, a woman try to solve the issue by tending, befriending, socializing and talking and talking, but for men as soon as they are in stress, they go into cocoon, cuts off relationship and prefer to live in isolation so that others cannot reach up to them.
Above behaviours of women –that is talking profusely, facilitated by their biology that is they enjoy talking 20, 000 words a day, compared to men talking 7000 words a day. This gives the release of mood elevating hormones in their brain, don’t blame them—it is in spite of them.